Our team

Spin Partners was founded in 2000 by Christian Harbulot and Lionel Sinquin. Its team is made up of multi-disciplinary and versatile consultants, all trained in Competitive and Strategic Intelligence.

Christian Harbulot


Christian Harbulot develops the activities of influence and advises company managers in that field. He wrote several reference books, including “Le Manuel de l’Intelligence Economique”, (PUF, 2012).

Co-founder of Spin Partners, Christian Harbulot is one of the builders of Competitive and Strategic Intelligence in France and has created the “economic warfare” concept.

Lionel Sinquin

Managing director

Lionel Sinquin coordinates all the operations inside the firm. He is in charge of large international corporate groups, international institutions and government organisations.

Co-founder of Spin Partners, Lionel Sinquin is a graduate of the School of Economic Warfare (Ecole de Guerre Economique) and of the “School of Higher International Studies” (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Internationales).

Augustin Roch

Influence Department Manager

Augustin Roch leads Spin Partners’ influence and communication operations. He also leads professional competitive intelligence trainings.

Formerly, he was th head of Spin Partners' Studies Department Manager. He has a Ph.D in Political Science and completed his thesis while working in a major energy group. Also a graduate of the School of Economic Warfare, he was previously a survey analyst for Amundi.

Kevin Tavernier

Studies Department Manager

Kevin Tavernier oversees the actions of monitoring and analysis run by Spin Partners. He has advanced expertise in monitoring tools, information research and economic security.

Formerly, he worked for the industry and the service sector. He is a graduate from the School of Economic Warfare and has a Master‘s Degree in Business Strategies and International Development.

Arnaud Direz


Arnaud Direz is specialised in strategic actions of monitoring and analysis.

Formerly, he worked in the automotive and insurance industries. Arnaud Direz has a Master’s Degree in Corporate Law and is a graduate of the School of Economic Warfare.

Pierre Poullaouec


Pierre Poullaouec leads actions of monitoring, analysis and perception management, mainly online. He is the coordinator of the Lobbying Competition.

Formerly, he worked in embassy, NGOs and major companies. Pierre Poullaouec is a graduate of the Toulouse Institute for Political Studies (IEP) and the School of Economic Warfare.

Arthur Bouhsane


Arthur Bouhsane performs actions of monitoring and analysis.

Formerly, he worked on the representation of the interests of a major French energy group. Arthur Bouhsane has a Master‘s Degree in Public Affairs and Institutional Relations.

Rachel Thomas


Rachel Thomas performs tasks of monitoring and analysis, and participates in the development of the Shuo Digital Branch.

Formely, she worked as a purchasing agent for French companies overseas. Rachel Thomas graduated from Sciences Po Lyon.