A permanent monitoring of its environment is necessary in order to observe current trends and detect threats and opportunities.

Monitoring activity consists in collecting, processing and disseminating information. It aims to cover competitive, political and societal environments.
Monitoring activity wouldn’t create any added value without a human approach. Turnkey technical approaches give visible and immediate results but don’t meet expectations. The customer drowns in information overload, which doesn’t serve any practical use.
Spin Partners combines the most adapted intelligence tools and applies a structured approach. This approach is undertaken by senior analysts and sectoral experts, who provide a tailored-made solution according to each organisation and issue.
Our Services
Monitoring audit: analysis of the existing monitoring system in an organization; with organizational, methodological and technical recommendations.

Outsourced monitoring: Monitor your company’s business market and environment.

Internal monitoring unit: Set up an internal monitoring unit within the organisation and train the company’s employees in a culture of information sharing.