Resources the new service by Spin Partners to fight fake news

With twenty years of experience in influence communication and expertise in fake news problems and controversies, Spin Partners releases, its integrated services’ offer helping to fight fake news.

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Today’s information-based society is characterized by the publishing speed of contents by individuals or groups who are sometimes malicious. The spread of such fake news – misleading information that are designed to deceive others – on various platforms (social media, blogs, open-publishing websites, etc.) may quickly and harshly harm the reputation of an organization and the credibility of its executives.

Made for organizations or persons facing the risk of fake news, offers four services:

DecryptWe are enforcing an investigation and fact-checking task in order to verify what is said: reliability of a source, veracity of a text/video/picture, identity of the author, tone and virality of the message, etc.

MonitorWe are continuously detecting fake news and analyzing their spread speed. We are mastering tools and methods that allow us to carefully monitor the publication of negative contents against you or your organization.

ActWe reassure your community (clients, employers, shareholders, etc.) in order to avoid any bad impact of fake news. Hence, it is necessary to disseminate appropriate contents that are suitable to the targeted audience. Thus, we interact on main social media in order to introduce and explain proven facts and not rumors.

Train The training (information & program to download) is dedicated to persons wishing to acquire operational skills enabling them to decrypt and act accordingly against fake news.

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