Paris Dauphine, winner of the 20th of the Lobbying Competition

On June 30, 2020, the award ceremony of the Lobbying Competition took place. Given the health context, this took place in a small committee. The evening was an opportunity to reward the best files. Sylvain Waserman, Vice-President of the National Assembly in charge of the Delegation in charge of interest representatives and study groups, was the sponsor of this 20th edition.

The Lobbying Competition 2020A very close top trio

Of the six subjects proposed, three were won by students from Paris Dauphine (Le Mouvement associatif, CEPPEA and GICAT), while Sciences Po Bordeaux is positioned on two others (Roche and FEDEPSAD). While Sciences Po Grenoble ranked for the UTP.

Despite their “technicality”, the subjects of Le Mouvement associatif, CEPPEA and Roche led the groups of Paris Dauphine (gold and silver) and Sciences Po Bordeaux (bronze) on the podium. They allowed the students to concretely apply the lessons received, to “get their hands dirty”, to use their own expression.

A new generation of promising lobbyists

Several members of the jury stressed the “professionalism” of the students. The qualities highlighted are in particular “the seriousness of the work” (Elodie Routhier, Oncology Public Affairs Manager at Novartis Pharma), “the capacity for integration and understanding of the subject” (Alexandra Duvauchelle, Executive Officer of FEDEPSAD), or “listening” (Gilles Fassot, President of CEPPEA). Jean-Philippe Alosi, corrector and Public Affairs Director at Amgen, congratulated the students for “the great maturity of the proposals” and their “extremely educational” dossiers. Several speakers insisted on the importance of benefiting from “turnkey” arguments and resolutions (Nelson de Pessemier, UTP Institutional Relations Officer). Raphaëlle Eyraud, Public Affairs Officer at Roche, also insisted on the importance of “originality of tactics”.

Students bring “a fresh perspective” to this profession, underlines François Mattens, Director of Public Affairs and Innovation at GICAT. They also allow partners to “get back to basics” and get away from their daily lives. The Lobbying Competition is also an opportunity for professional organizations or associations (such as Le Mouvement associatif) to “sensitize” students to their issues, to show that lobbying concerns all organizations, not just businesses.

Finally, Sylvain Waserman, in his capacity as parliamentarian, noted that lobbying is now fully part of “the process of co-construction”. Moreover, he notes that young lobbyists are in tune with the current evolution of lobbying, both transparent and assumed.

Awards 2020

At the end of the classification of these files, the following groups of students were awarded:

1st Prize: Paris Dauphine – subject Le Mouvement associatif

2d Prize: Paris Dauphine – subject CEPPEA

3d Prize: Sciences Po Bordeaux – subject Roche

For all the cases processed, the classification by school is as follows:

1st Prize: Paris Dauphine

2d Prize: Sciences Po Bordeaux

3d Prize: Sciences Po Grenoble

For more details on the Lobbying Competition, please visit the dedicated website.