« The kind of war that we may have to do someday »

Christian Harbulot, director of Spin Partners and the Economic Warfare School, wrote an article titled « The kind of war that we may have to do someday », published by the Penser Autrement [Think Different] Committee of the Warfare School.

Among other prestigious signatures, including Michel Goya and David Petraeus, Christian Harbulot aims to explain the rise and the affirmation of one of the modern sides of war: the informational feature.

Indeed, the information warfare has two dimensions. In one hand, the container, based on technology, relies on information systems (hacking, viruses, paralysis or destruction of communications). On the other hand, the content which includes propaganda and anti-propaganda operations, psychological pressure techniques or even methods of misinformation/manipulation of knowledge produced by institutions, academic circles, media or civil society (foundations, NGOs).

Thus, the recent hacking of TV5 (attributed to Daesh) suggests that we have probably underestimated the importance of information in the course of conflict, including with a terrorist group. De facto, if the destabilization of Iraq, Libya, Syria or Sub-Saharan Africa continues to expand to other territories, we will have to face the inevitable, i.e. preserve our strategic autonomy “in all directions” as General de Gaulle said. Therefore, all possible means will be required to avoid that hostile strategies trap our national interest. At the same time, we will have to think about the way to conduct an information warfare (by the content) in order to stop barbarism.

Les Cahiers de la Revue de la Défense Nationale, « Penser autrement : pour une approche critique et créative des affaires militaires », June 2015.

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